MFMci offers a full range of BOSCH (formerly Philips) Communication, Security and Imaging products, including conference and simultaneous interpretation equipment to meet the needs of our diverse client base.

Whether you require a fully-integrated Bosch Congress systems, digital conference microphones, full-size interpreter booths, or an easy to carry tabletop portable interpreter booth, MFMci and Bosch have the products you need. MFMci has provided equipment installations for clients both in the U.S. and abroad, including the microphone systems in the Parliament of the Republic of Haiti, U.S. Southern Command Headquarters, the University of Memphis (TN) and the United Nations.

Full-Size Interpreter Booths – We sell and rent walk-in full-size interpreter booths that meet ISO standard 4043.

Table Top Booths – When space is an issue, we have a workable alternative. While note soundproof, these booths muffle the sound of interpreters to allow for a comfortable meeting.

Digital Conference Microphone Systems – Bosch has designed the new face of conference microphone systems, including Digital Congress Network (DCN) and Concentus microphones. These daisy chain microphones are easy to install and provide flawless sound.