Crucial to any simultaneous interpretation event are microphones.

Even in a small meeting room, it is important to provide microphones for all persons who will be speaking, and a sound feed for the interpreters.
For discussions or Q&A from the audience, floor microphones are also recommended.

If you are planning a board or committee meeting, a panel presentation, or any type of meeting involving a hollow square or U-shape table with many speaking participants, you should plan on using a special conference microphone system. With on-off switches and lights that indicate which microphone is “live,” these systems help minimize cross-talk and enable interpreters to keep up in fast-pace discussions involving several speakers.

Microphone stems are extremely flexible, so the microphone can be used by delegates sitting on either side of the unit, thus allowing one unit to serve two delegates. Has a built-in loudspeaker which is muted when the microphone is on to prevent acoustic feedback. Microphone active indication is by a clear red LED ring at the top of the microphone stem as well as a red LED on the microphone unit. A Chairman’s microphone unit is also available. This microphone has the addition of a priority button which, when depressed, sounds a chime and momentarily mutes all delegate microphones.