Full-Size Booth

MFMci provides and sets up full-size booths which offer a high degree of sound absorption and fit in a compact 6’ x 6’ space in your meeting room.

MFMci’s rigid panel interpreter booths ensure our clients that their conference will be interpreted in a soundproof environment. Our custom-designed booths have a neutral gray exterior.  They are well ventilated to provide the interpreters a comfortable environment in which to work. Since the size of conference rooms can vary from one location to another our interpreter booths can be configured to different sizes and shapes.  The booths meet the ISO 4043 standard for portable booths.

Table-Top Booth

For smaller meeting venues, MFMci can also provide table-top booths. Booths are placed so that windows face the stage or podium, since the interpreters require an unobstructed view of the speaker as well as any visual presentations. While not soundproof, they muffle the sound of the interpreters sufficiently to have a comfortable meeting.